Our 3 Focuses

1. Leadership and Management

 Torsted Advisors:

  • Work with clients, to provide strategic leadership—locally and globally
  • Identifies the right questions to solve the right problems
  • Prepare the organization for high growth
  • Develop and implement restructuring/re-engineering strategies
  • Utilize different approaches across a broad range of company sizes, styles and business models.
  • Professionalize management structures of private companies for growth or sale
  • Board participation and leadership

Our Competencies

  • Interim Operating Management
  • Industry Competitive Assessment
  • Business Risk Assessment
  • Assessing/Changing Business and Revenue Models
  • Organization Analysis to achieve goals
  • Review of Operating Process
  • Client Profitability Assessment
  • Implement Marketing Plans
  • Negotiation Representation
  • New Fund Raising Alternatives for Equity and Debt
  • Restructure of Liabilities and Assets
  • U.S. Representation for Foreign Firms
  • Assess new investments for private investors for suitability and probable success

2. Technological

Technology Changes The Speed of Business

New technologies improve older business platforms to create innovation and corporate growth. These disruptive changes cause us to constantly re-assess what we think we know.

Our steps include:

  • Evaluating and exploiting technological innovation
  • Leveraging an extensive network of subject matter expertise, affiliations and business partnerships from around the world
  • Anticipating technology change and how it affects the market and competitors.

Areas of Past Focus

  • Digital Media and its delivery through the Internet, broadcasting, mobile, satellite and podcasting
  • Entertainment IP technology, content distribution, interactive broadband entertainment, IPTV, media-on-demand, advanced advertising and digital media development worldwide
  • Video conferencing cost-effective alternatives to travel-- The transition from hardware-based products to cloud-based products on BYOD devices.
  • Biotechnology Startups





You can’t look at the competition and say you’re going to do it better.  You have to look at the competition and say you’re going to do it differently. Steve Jobs

Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.  - Albert Einstein

3. Global Financial Perspective

Torsted has a high-level international business experience including Europe and Asia.

  • See the global picture and understand the local ones.
  • Appreciate how technologies change the world differently in parts of the world.
  • Evaluate international fund raising and currency risks that come with the global arena.
  • Understand that business decisions and financial reporting from the company’s beginning are key to Venture Capital Fund Raising.
  • Assess new investments for private investors for suitability and risk.

Talk does not cook rice.Chinese proverb

Global Exposure

Amsterdam, Holland
Beijing, China
Berlin, Germany
Brussels, Belgium
Calgary, Canada
Copenhagen, Denmark
Cologne, Germany
Lisbon, Portugal
London, United Kingdom
Madrid, Spain
Melbourne, Australia
Milan, Italy
Munich, Germany
Stockholm, Sweden
Sydney, Australia
Tokyo, Japan
Taipei, Taiwan
Vienna, Austria
Warsaw, Poland
Zurich, Switzerland