Services and Clients

Actionable problem solving for Current Torsted Advisors clients

 Current roles are:

  • President (Co-Founder)/Board of Director of a pet technology company
  • Board of Directors for a video conferencing company
  • Advisory Board Member of a software service company
  • Advisor to a Cyber-security company for a quantum computer world

 Current activities include:

  • Overseeing a crowd funding campaign to raising additional funds and demonstrate market acceptance of a new product
  • Helping an ICO utility token funding to support future technology development, Negotiating an Angel funding round
  • Evaluating client acquisitions
  • Analyzing product and market planning

Examples of actionable problem solving from previous clients

Chief Executive Officer of an Interactive Television company

Managed five corporate reorganizations over six years with transitions from internet-based products to software products to mobile-based products.

President of the U.S. subsidiary of a Swedish Video Streaming company

Established offices, recruited staff, negotiated content rights and hardware partnerships as well as public representation of the company at industry conferences and presentations.

Advisor to a private New York software company

Led the company through a transition from a shrink-wrapped software sales model to a service as a service(SaaS) model with higher cash flow, customer satisfaction and faster feature additions.

Interim President of a Start-up Internet Appliance company

Stabilized Pennsylvanian company after it lost 40% of the staff (Including the President, CTO and half of the software development team), settled legal issue/lawsuits and revised Asian manufacturer relationship and oversaw development of a new product line.

Group Head of an Investment Bank

Improved performance by eliminating unprofitable clients (44 out of 180), reducing the use of capital (from $400MM to $250MM) with increased fee income (from $20MM to $58MM) and overall revenues increased (38% to $86MM)

Advisor to the Polish Privatization Minister

Managed the sale process and financing for the two largest glass companies in Poland dealing with our partners (for contributed assets valuations and a synthetic equity private market sale mechanism ), negotiation with the unions for labor reductions/transitions and funding negotiations with the World Bank/EBRD/private domestic Polish Banks.

Chief Operating Officer of a Start-up Biotechnology Firm

Organized approximately 30 scientists, medical specialists, and production engineers involved in the development of gene-based therapeutics. Led the strategic development of business plans that were compatible with business partners, medical advisory broad and market requirements to become a dominant gene-therapy company.

Advisor to International Biopharmaceutical Firm

Established and implemented business objectives and strategies for the consumer, nutritional and pharmaceutical businesses in the Asian(Hong Kong) and Australian / New Zealand markets.

Advisor to International Pharmaceutical and Consumer Product Firm

Developed positioning and message strategies, and organized the product launch plans for the bio-engineered product portfolio and directed the commercialization efforts for the first bio-engineered product – Interferon. Successfully implemented a business development/acquisition plans to acquire several new technologies in the biotech arena.

Interim President of a software-based Video Conferencing Company

Pushed development of Web RTC based products, acted as an evangelist to map out the strategic market development for the new direction of the company based on its disruptive technology for video conferencing.