Well done is better than well said.  - Benjamin Franklin

Jim Cantalini, Founder and CEO, is a senior executive with broad experience in technology and investment banking, providing strategic and financial leadership for companies in both industries.  Jim has been advising clients in the technology sphere since 1999.  Most prominently, he served for six years as CEO of Gist Communications where he led a cross-functional team of designers and software engineers to spearhead the conceptualization and development of advanced interactive television products.

Jim’s global financial perspective has been shaped by more than two decades as an investment banker, working in partnership with colleagues in Europe and Asia to develop new business opportunities. At Lehman Brothers, he worked on a broad range of corporate finance transactions with a focus on highly structured debt transactions.  Later at First Boston (Credit Suisse), he founded a new business for International Mortgage Finance with customers across the world and in all types of capital markets. He served as Head of Industrial Investment Banking at UBS, where he introduced new products and reshaped the client business to increase integration of product delivery and assessment of profitability.

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A prudent question is one half of wisdom.  - Sir Francis Bacon

Dean Rock, Senior Partner, is an experienced C-level Executive with broad-based expertise in Operations, General and P&L Management, Manufacturing Process Improvement, Product Development, Strategy Development, and Implementation. Over 40 years of experience creating, managing, transforming, and restructuring business strategies and operational processes in the Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Medical Device, Biotech and R&D areas. Recognized as a skillful leader in product development, optimizing operational performance, identifying core business strengthens and implementing effective plans to achieve objectives. A keen analytical mindset and strong business focus combine to deliver strong operational performance in highly competitive markets.

As an independent advisor for healthcare/technology-based companies, Dean contributed to the board discussions’ involving developing strategic responds to evolving technology, financial and political/regulatory environments. He also assisted in the evaluations of M&A opportunities, including the sources of capital. Open to Board opportunities on a national basis. With his achievements and background, Dean can identify critical business/development issues, business drivers, and requirements to recommend a practical implementation plan.